"I have had the satisfaction of working with this talented and highly skilled professional over the years and find his work and demeanour far beyond reproach. His reputation and ability is very well known in our industry and he has proven to be a tremendous asset to whatever project that he has become involved in. As a piano tuner and skilled keyboard technician, he is the best there is to offer."

Lanny Williamson


The BEACH Advanced Audio Production Inc.
Calgary, Alberta

"Kendall has been our resident Piano Technician here at Ambrose for 10+ years and has serviced our pianos in the music department with great quality care and dependability.  He has always been honest and fair when assessing our piano needs."
Edwin Gnandt
Associate Professor of Music 
Ambrose University
Calgary, Alberta

Dear Kendall:
“Thank-you for the excellent service and work on my Kawai piano – It was a new piano before you serviced it – it is now better than new!  Now that I have played it for about a month, I am very happy with the result – much easier to play evenly and softly with less fatigue after playing.  I also appreciate the new mellower sound.”
Diane Gordon
Calgary, AB
“Hi Kendall - I have to tell you that Saturday at OCL when we were listening back later in the day, I heard instantly the "after" sound in the piano. Thanks for making me sound good!”
Tricia Edwards
Calgary, AB
Jazz Recording Artist

"Kendall - I am forever grateful for the day I stumbled across your path. Over a two-year journey, I went from thinking I'd simply upgrade to a bigger upright, to getting my absolute dream piano. You gave me the confidence to search out and find an old Steinway, make sure it was up to snuff, and then you transformed it into one that shines above anything else I've played in a similar size. Your meticulous attention to detail is positively old-world. You don't just rebuild pianos. You lovingly craft them into the best they can be."
Jeff Sotropa
Cranbrook, BC
Composer, Musician, Writer, Marketer

“A note of thanks for your outstanding tunings on the Bechstein for the ATCO/Spruce Meadows event. It was a solid tuning with beautiful character and life in it, which complemented the fullness of the piano nicely.”
William L. Cunningham

Calgary, AB
Composer, Pianist

"I just wanted to thank you again for the amazing work you did on the piano before Sunday's concert. The difference was astonishing after you worked on it, and Kirill and I were so grateful as it made our time on stage so much more enjoyable!"
Julia Hagaar

Calgary, AB
Educator and Performer "Duo Polaris"

"I am the second owner of a 1933 Nordheimer baby grand. One tuning and a few days of work of regulating, tuning & voicing by Kendall transformed the instrument. I have in my wanderings around the planet played a few of the better Steinways and some Bechsteins and Bosendorfers. Kendall has taken my piano from “good” to what I can only describe as “concert level”.
Gary MacDonald
Cranbrook, BC

“I forgot how amazing a piano tuned by Kendall Hafermehl sounds!!! Thank you!! Everything I play sounds good. Truly the master of voicing....”
Michelle Marie Gervais
St. Albert, AB

"Kendall turned a sow’s ear into a silk purse with this tune today. Incredible voicing, really.”
Chad Rowbotham
Calgary, AB

"I am VERY PLEASED with Kendall's work today.  My piano is inspiring to play again!  I'm delighted the fallboard now closes properly and the best it ever has!  I am sorry I put off contacting you for so long."  
Jana Jordan
Cochrane, AB