Piano Tuning

Every pianist deserves an in-tune piano.

Remember the last time you sat down at a freshly tuned piano? For the performing artist, this is your expectation and more. If you play for enjoyment, maybe it sounded weird because it had been so long! But then you found greater satisfaction in your music making.

From the upright in your basement to the concert grand on your stage, we love nothing more than the sound of your piano...in tune.

Every week, we work in homes, schools, churches, conservatories, universities, colleges, recording studios and concert halls. Every week, we bring out more of the potential of each piano we work on.

Our prices are competitive and our quality uncompromising.

If you haven't had your piano tuned in some time, you probably don't know the enjoyment and satisfaction you're missing. If you're a teacher or performer, you expect the best every day.

Contact us today to book your seasonal or occasional tuning. We're very busy, so please plan ahead. We look forward to making your musical experience the best it can be.