Piano Rebuilding

Making the old (better than) new again.

We rebuild and restore pianos, both partially and completely, depending on your interests and budget. We also sell rebuilt pianos.

Restoring pianos is often the most expedient way to get a fine sounding and responsive piano at much less cost than new. In many cases, our rebuilt pianos outperform new models.

How is this the case?

Through a combination of technical excellence and quality parts, if a piano has initial potential, it can be rebuilt and play beautifully and reliably for decades.

There seems to be some debate about this on – you guessed it – the Internet. If you're a top tier concert hall, you're probably buying new because of the amount of play your pianos get. But for many others – including stage, studio and home contexts – it can be seriously worth the consideration of buying a rebuilt piano or rebuilding one you already have.

Wondering if that 1972 Yamaha or 1926 Steinway or 1957 Baldwin is worth restoring to its optimum performance? The answer might be yes or no.

Sometimes, it's the strings. Sometimes the hammers and shanks. Sometimes both and more that are required. But quite often, rebuilt pianos will play and sound better than their new counterparts, and cost half or less in the end.

Steps can involve rebuilding the soundboard, bridges, pin block, re-stringing, keys, action, dampers, pedals and trap-work, restoration of the case and more.

Book us for an honest, thorough assessment. We'll help you make the best decision about  rebuilding a piano you already own, or one you are considering purchasing. You might get more piano than you dreamed you could own!

1926 Steinway M, rebuilt in 2017. We've yet to find one that sounds or looks nicer.