Dr Kendall Hafermehl RPT  - Registered Piano Technician, Musican

Not all piano technicians are musicians. Kendall is, and this deeply informs his work and enables him to connect with pianists, teachers and students. At the end of the day, it's about the music, isn't it?

Kendall's fascination with the piano started at a very early age. After 6 months of diligent practicing on a set of piano keys, which were printed on paper, his parents figured he was serious about the piano! 

Before he left his "4"s, he was performing for people (so it's been told). He was serious about this wonderful instrument, and studied for 19 years, often right through the summer. Many of those years were under the instruction of Kalman Kovacs, who cultivated in Kendall a love for music and the passionate pursuit of making the piano "sing."  The remaining four years of studies were taken at the Alberta Conservatory of Music from Thelma Johannes O'Neil. During that time Kendall competed at high levels in classical circles, and was one of the Edmontonian's selected to perform at a master class for the world-class Chopin specialist, Marek Jablonski.

Following high school, Kendall taught private piano lessons in three rural schools. During this time he was also studying and gaining experience in the field of Piano Technology. About five years later, Kendall gained Master Craftsman status and became a Registered Piano Technician (RPT) with the Canadian Association of Piano Technicians.

Further studies included both graduate and doctoral degrees. Through it all, he has remained both a technician and musician, well versed in all genres of music. He's as passionate about making music himself as he is about helping others enjoy music and perform at their best.

Over the past three decades, Kendall has worked from Edmonton, Regina and now Calgary as a piano technician, performer, church musician and teacher. His piano services clientele are located in homes and institutions around Alberta and the Kootenay Region of British Columbia.

Lynn Reid Hafermehl Sales & Service Manager

Lynn is as friendly and approachable as they come. She's a musician, dancer, artist, health practitioner, and a very experienced piano salesperson, having worked with all the Tier 1 piano brands and many Asian factory built piano manufacturers.

Raised as a child surrounded by music and concerts, her father is a classically trained pianist. Since she was a child, she has been creating music on the piano, singing, dancing (ballet) and drawing and painting. She studied fine arts, and has served as a church musician for many years.

Lynn has always been a strong believer in a well-rounded education and homeschooled four children in every area, including the arts.

Later in life, Lynn had the opportunity to be a salesperson of luxury pianos and learn all the ins and outs of the piano world. She is passionate about music and the arts and easily connects with people from all walks of life. Helping them to find their dream piano or even the piano that currently suits their needs brings great satisfaction.

As a couple, Kendall and Lynn enjoy their ongoing involvement in the vibrant concert scene in Calgary. And just for the fun of it, they enjoy performing as a Romantic Piano/Vocal Duo at events around the region.